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De uitgeleste dansen op video

Forget Me Not

Choreographed by Pat Stott

Music: ‘(There’s) No Gettin Over Me’ by Ronnie Milsap

Mexican Cantina

Choreographed by Tina Argyle

Music: ‘Come A Little Bit Closer’ by Alan Gregory

Hell and High Water

Choreographed by: Vikki Morris

Music: ‘Hell And High Water’ by T. Graham Brown

Down On Your Uppers

Choreographed by: Gary O’Reilly

Music: ‘Down On Your Uppers” by Derek Ryan

Lonely Drum

Choreographed by: Darren Mitchell

Music: ‘Lonely Drum’ van Aaron Goodvin

My Special Prayer

Choreographed by: John Warnars

Music: “‘My Special Prayer’ van Ray Dylan

Fall in love

Choreographed by: Pat Stott

Music: “Never Gonna Fall In Love” by Tim Redmond Ft. Rick Guard

18 Wheeler

Choreographed by: Norman Gifford

Music: “Chase That Song” by Cody Jinks

If You Only Knew

Choreographed by: Daisy Simons

Music: “‘If You Only Knew” by The Mavericks

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Choreographed by: Lorna Cairns

Music: “‘Gone Gone Gone’ by Robert Mizzell

Love You a Million Times

Choreographed by: Rep Ghazali-Meaney

Music: ”You’re My First Love” by Eden

The Music Man

Choreographed by: Sandra Speck & Paul Bailey

Music: “The Music Man’ van Paul Bailey

Gypsy Queen

Choreographed by: Hazel Pace

Music: ”Gypsy Queen” by Chris Norman

The Final Test

Choreographed by: Marie-Claude Gil

Music: Feral kev & General Leeroy de Jayne Denham


Choreographed by: Diana Dawson

Music: ”Waikiki ” by Dick Van Altena

All Heaven Allows

Choreographed by: Jef Camps & Daisy Simons

Music: “All That Heaven Will Allow” by The Mavericks

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